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We are working on "new Hokkaido style safe declaration 7 customs"

We always appreciate Auberge Kitano Dan Dan of the Auberge Kitano Dan Dan,
Thank you very much.

Regarding measures to prevent new coronavirus infection,
To give customers peace of mind,
We are working even more carefully.
For customers, wear masks, disinfect alcohol, and measure temperature.
We appreciate your cooperation.

If a fever of 37.5 degrees or more is observed during temperature measurement,
You may not be allowed to stay according to the instructions of the public health center.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kitano Dan Dan

  • I want to be your home

    Kitano Dan Dan wants to be your home
    The remote area was pioneered by Tondenhei (soldiers stationed in the fields) over 130 years
    What kind of thought did the settlers settled for the entire natural predecessors?
    There is a parents home where you return in the east of Hokkaido
    "I'm home"
    There is a father and an owl, an older brother and a younger sister
    It's been a long time ago, this nostalgic smell
    Relaxing and relaxing for the first time in a long time, I feel calm in words that do not decorate
    "Do it at ease"
    Kitano Dan Dan is such an inn.

About the ingredients of passion

  • Okhotsk is a treasure trove of Japanese ingredients. No, it is the best in Asia. The plankton where drift ice carries brought up to the four biggest fishing grounds in the world.

    Crab, scallops, salmon, hockey, and melon potatoes, asparagus, corn and food representatives of all Hokkaido are here.
    Fun to make, pleasure to eat, pleasure to eat, everything is fresh and delicious.
  • Sea food ingredients

    【Hair to】
    Representative player of Okhotsk taste.
    Spring is at its peak

    【Hokkai Shrimp】
    Okhotsk summer taste.
    Fishing season for about one month from the beginning of July is season

    It is good throughout the year.
    Famous for Saroma Ko (lake)
  • From the earth

    【Mushroom in the plantation】

Information of HOUESU

  • An inn Tonden-style in Kamata that conveys the breath of Hokkaido development, full of ideas of amateurs

    About 135 years after Iwata Tondenhei (soldiers stationed in the fields) settled in this area, I thanked my ancestors who had been cultivated from such a rough primeval forest to such a rich land, and I tried to imagine the Tonden-style of Iwata at that time.
    This place prospers as a rare port of river "using rivers as a port" even in Hokkaido, and has developed as a gateway to the three biggest fishing grounds in the world.

    Unique temperature eyes (mucks) appear in this regional tree whose annual temperature difference exceeds 60 degrees.
    This place is a producing place of one of the prevalent precious trees in Japan, many hardwoods such as Mizunara, Harrisen, Kihada, Yachidamo, Makaba, Katsura etc. are growing naturally.
    Kitano Dan Dan, it is built with plenty of Yachidamo and Mizunara's famous trees, and we hope that everyone will be healed by the warmth of the trees.

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Auberge Kitano Dan Dan


39-17 Omagari, Abashiri City, Hokkaido Prefecture

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It is 7 minutes by car from JR Abashiri Station. It is 20 minutes by car from Memanbetsu Airport.

We do not offer pick-up service.
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