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Kitano Dan Dan

I want to be your home

  • The remote area was pioneered by Tondenhei (soldiers stationed in the fields) over 130 years
    I wonder what kind of thought the forerunners had settled on a whole natural ground
    There is a parents home where you return in the east of Hokkaido
    "I'm home"
    There is a father and an owl, an older brother and a younger sister
    It's been a long time ago, this nostalgic smell
    Relaxing and relaxing for the first time in a long time, I feel calm in words that do not decorate
    "Do it at ease"
    Kitano Dan Dan is such an inn.
  • A moment of healing embraced naturally

    Relaxing out of urban noise and relaxing
    Lakeside of Lake Abashiri natural hot spring that springs from the Lakeside of Lake Abashiri
    Heals the tiredness and tension of traveling
    The Okhotsk Ocean that changes every moment
    Faces of various north earths every season
    That view from the outdoor bath
    Just a value thousand money
    Fresh air, and the sunset reflected on the surface of the water
    A word of impression
    Soaked in hot water to my heart's content
    Refresh in the privileged nature
    "I feel luxurious" "I'm glad you came"
    I am motivated from our tomorrow

Everything is fresh and delicious···, Have fun to eat and have fun Eat fun

  • Okhotsk is a treasure trove of ingredients

    Crab scallops, salmon, Hockey
    And melon
    Potatoes with asparagus, corn
    Representing every Hokkaido
    There are ingredients for Kitano Dan Dan
  • Ultimate ingredients high-grade cooking

    The ultimate condition

    Air is good
    The height difference of the temperature is big.

    Water is a basic lotion of cooking
    National water supply ranking
    (Abashiri City Best 3)