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A moment of healing embraced naturally

Example menu

The menu varies from day to day, so you can fully enjoy the pesticide-free vegetables grown in your own farm and seasonal Okhotsk.
Full course of creative cuisine prepared with Japanese and French cuisine prepared.
We have various wines.

※The contents may change according to the season.
  • Full course dinner using seasonal ingredients

    With carrot mousse raw, Consommejure
    Broiled Ohira, Spring Udo, Bamboo shoot bud Miso
    Cream sauce of pozzy basil in this Menki
    Wagyu Beef from Abashiri Steak, Black sesame sauce
    Spring cabbage and hockey piled up
    Pickled rice bowl of beef shell and salmon, vegetable pickles, bowls
    Today's dessert
    Coffee or tea
  • Western breakfast

    Raw orange juice
    Higashimokoto Product, Dark milk
    Homemade yogurt from Okoppe Town
    Creamy soup of local crab meat and vegetables
    Fly egg or plain omelets or
    Scrambled eggs (Egg is a natural egg domestic flat of Kunneppu Town)
    Old-fashioned bacon, Special ham
    Warm vegetables, Seasonal salad, Seasonal fruits
    Croissant, Brioche, butter roll
    Local produce passion vegetable jam and butter
    (Pumpkin, tomato, rhubarb)
    Coffee or tea
    ※Passion vegetable jam is on sale.
  • Japanese breakfast

    Raw orange juice
    Higashimokoto Product, Dark milk
    Homemade yogurt from Okkope Town
    Hot spring egg (Flat domestic natural egg of Kunneppu Town)
    A breastplate
    Today's grilled fish caught in the waters
    Thick grilled egg, Daikon Oroshi
    Rice porridge(Seven minutes porridge)Or rice, A variety of condiments with six spots
    A lot of miso soup and local pickles
    Homemade baked seaweed
    Seasonal salad, Seasonal fruits
    Croissant, Brioche, butter roll
    Japanese tea or coffee (Organic bean use)
    ※We sell homemade baked seaweed.
  • Okhotsk Lunch

    Three appetizers served
    Scallop and potato plum flavored butter sauce
    Taraba crab and seasonal vegetable tempura platter
    Salad style tailoring of mushrooms and steaks
    Sakai and Salmon roe's family
    Miso soup of mackerel·Pickles
    Seasonal fruits
    Coffee (Organic bean use)
    ※The contents of the photograph may change according to the season.
  • Bathroom dinner

    Today's Hokkaido’s delicacy
    Seasonal Hokkaido sashimi assortment
    Grilled oysters from Saroma Ko (lake)·Two flavors
    Martha wine flavor soup and pie wrapped in Kitami onion
    Kinaki char-grilled yuzu flavor / burnt crab / crusher boiled rainy season
    Chawanpotchi made by Western style
    Pickled vinegared with yam and yam and vinegared miso white onion
    Hokkaido’s Beef loin charcoal grill·Fresh Japanese-style sauce
    Salmon roe Oyakodon or Seafood Bowl
    Sanpei·Pickled Vegetables
    Today's recommended dessert
    Coffee (Organic bean use)
  • Cooking example

  • About restaurant

    ~Available space for your purpose~

    We prepare various forms of space according to the number of people, purpose, from private room to dining with large number of people.
    We will do hospitality not only for guests but also for customers enjoying cooking on a day trip (full reservation system).
  • Blue Star (Blue, Star)

    Family restaurant Blue Star newly established in 2009 (Blue, Star)
    You can enjoy a homely atmosphere in your private space only for your family. You can fully enjoy the pesticide-free vegetables grown in the farm and the seasonal Okhotsk the chef.
  • Restaurant Sho

    A lot of sculptures in Thai elephants
    You can relax and enjoy the collaboration of Japanese cuisine with authentic French you can eat with chopsticks.
    All seats are available, even for day trip guests. (By appointment only)
  • Dining room Aya

    The one-plate table of the Restaurant Aya, which looks like drift ice, is 2.0 meters long and 8.0 meters long, with one Bubinga from Cameroon, and is about 450 years old.
    There are 16 seats in all, and panorama windows can overlook Abashiri Ko (lake).
  • Restaurant and Bar Tsubame

    You can use it as a cocktail and wine BAR including meals.
    Counter 8 seats, 8 seats in the chair.