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Recommended spot

Mount Shari 100 famous mountains in Japan Mount Shari, 100 famous mountains in Japan, 1547m, 1 hour 20 minutes by car

  • 【Shiretoko】

    • 【Shiretoko】Kamuiwakka Waterfall

      Ainu language, this waterfall, “God's water”, the hot spring water that erupted flows into the Kamuiwakka River and the waterfall is a natural open-air bath.
      Several waterfalls continue on the river of hot springs Mt Io from Mt Io which is an active volcano near the Shiretoko Peninsula, which was registered as a World Heritage site on July 14, 2005, and each waterfall vase is full of nature It has become an outdoor bath, and is also represented by Nozen.
      It is a gorgeous secret water without facilities, it is better to go with bathing suits.
      At present, there is a risk of falling rocks, so it is possible to enter “Ichi-no-taki Falls” and bathing is not possible due to the low water temperature.
      Shiretoko Forest Road is for repair work, but traffic of general vehicles is prohibited, but a shuttle bus to Kamuiwakka is scheduled to operate in summer.

      【Information on traffic】
      JR Shiretoko Shari Station → 55 minutes by Shari Bus Shiretoko Utoro Onsen, get off at the Shiretoko Five Lakes stop, change to Shari Bus Shiretoko Five Lakes, 10 minutes,
      bus stop: Get off in Shiretoko Shizen Center-mae, change to the shuttle bus for 50 minutes,
      bus stop: Get off at Kamuiwakka Yunotaki, 5 minutes on foot
    • 【Shiretoko】Shiretoko Cape Kunashiri Island seen from Shiretoko Cape

      Kunashiri Island is in the east of Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokkaido,
      Chishima Islands island located in the southernmost part of the Chishima Islands (Russian name: Kuril Islands Курильские острова).
      Russian name is Kunashir Island (о.Кунашир), English name is Kunashir.
      The name of the island is derived from the Ainu language “Kunne・sir (Black Island → Black Island)” or “Kina・sir / Kina・shir (Grass Island → Grass Island)”, which is true It is not clear whether it originated from.
      The Ainu who lived on this island call it “Kunashir” in Ainu language, and the origins of this are Japanese, Russian, and international titles.
    • 【Shiretoko】Shiretoko Utoro Godzilla Rock

      "Time required", 1 hour 45 minutes by car
    • 【Shiretoko】Shiretoko Peninsula, Pleasure boat

    • 【Shiretoko】Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park

      The facility was renewed in 2010, it became possible to see the mosaic cherry blossoms from the newly barrier-free observation deck of the hill and the east shop.
      Until the hill, the garden tour bus (fee) runs.
      When it is in full bloom, the vast slopes covering 100,000 square meters are beautifully colored as if laying a velvet carpet.
      Every year from May 2nd to June, the “Nonkeyland Shibazakura Festival” is held and the event is also gorgeous.
      Besides this, there are also 820 meters of go-cart and log toys, a rainbow trout swimming fishing pond, and even a campground complete with bungalows, making it a spot to enjoy in the family.

      【Information on traffic】
      Get off at JR Abashiri Station, about 50 minutes by Abashiri Kotsu Bus from Abashiri Station
      Get off at Higashimokoto, Ozora Town, about 5 to 6 minutes by taxi
    • 【Shiretoko】Shiretoko Aurora Fantasy, Shiretoko National Park

      Showa (time period) illusionary space where dynamic sound and laser interwoven born from the desire to reproduce the impression of the real aurora that appeared in Shiretoko Yozora in Showa (time period).
      A winter event in Shiretoko where you can fully enjoy the drift ice and severe cold that fills the Sea of Okhotsk.
      A beautiful fantastic light world spreads in an extremely cold place where it is below freezing below 10 degrees.

      【Guide of the venue】
      Venue/Shari Town Utoro Onsen Oronkoiwa Rock Special Venue “Drift ice nature park”
      Period/Early February to late March
      Time / 20 minutes from 8 PM
    • 【Shiretoko】Drive route

      Entering Hokkaido Prefectural Road Route 246 from the south of Abashiri National Route 39 Michi-no-Eki `` Marchen no Oka Memanbetsu'', passing through the wide agricultural road to the south of Masuura Station, the so-called `` Kando no Michi Road Odori Kando no Michi Road' is a special tourist destination tour course around the Abashiri city but not.
      This course is also a course that shortcuts Abashiri city from Memanbetsu to Shiretoko, and many sightseeing buses run within this Kando no Michi Road.
      The “Kando no Michi Road” runs while looking at Abashiri Ko (lake) the west and the Okhotsk Ocean of Okhotsk Ocean and the Shiretoko mountain range to the east, so it ’s a very good view.
      A vast rural scenery spreads in the surroundings, and you can enjoy various colorful fertilizers every season.
      There is also a viewpoint on the way, so if there is no use in Abashiri city, we recommend a drive with Kando no Michi Road good Kando no Michi Road “Scenic Kando no Michi Road”.
  • 【Akan】

    • 【Akan】Mashuko National Park (winter)

      "Duration", 1 hour 20 minutes by car
    • 【Akan】Lake Mashu(summer), Akan National Park

      "Time required", approximately 1 hour by car
    • 【Akan】Mt Io, Akan National Park

      "Duration", 1 hour by car
  • 【Daisetsu】

    • 【Daisetsu】Daisetsuzan National Park, Soun Gorge Ginga-no-taki Waterfall

      "Time required", approximately 2.5 hours by car
    • 【Daisetsu】Soun Gorge, Daisetsuzan National Park

      "Time required", approximately 2.5 hours by car
  • 【Abashiri】

    • 【Abashiri】Cycling Road

      About 37.3km from Abashiri City Old Japanese National Railways Yumune Line site, to Tokoro Town, Kitami City, was reborn as a Cycling Road in 1996 and became the Okhotsk cycling road.
      Okhotsk Ocean straight road that runs along the Okhotsk Ocean of Okhotsk Ocean makes you feel refreshed when you run through it while feeling the sea breeze.
      On the way there is also a railway memorial hall and a cycle park, so you can relax and enjoy cycling while taking a break.
      In addition, every year International Okhotsk Cycling or tournament is carried out that, Cycling Road is a popular to a wide range of layer from cycling beginner to tournament contestants such as or tour is organized to enjoy the cycling.
    • 【Abashiri】Abashiri Port, Autumn Shake Fishing

      "Duration", 10 minutes by car
    • 【Abashiri】Ivory freshwater fish Ito Aquarium of water

      "Time required", 1 hour 30 minutes by car
    • 【Abashiri】Autumn salmon on the Abashiri River

      "Duration", 5 minutes by car
    • 【Abashiri】Winter fishing in winter in Abashiri Ko (lake)

      "Duration", 5 minutes by car
    • 【Abashiri】Ice drift ship in February, Abashiri Port

      "Duration", 10 minutes by car
    • 【Abashiri】St. Pear, White-tailed eagle shooting

    • 【Abashiri】JR Senmo Line running in the Okhotsk Ocean of Okhotsk Ocean

    • 【Abashiri】Autumn coral grass, Lake Notoro

      "Duration", 15 minutes by car